Norma Violet Vera Scales

Norma Violet Vera Scales

Dolly Scales, well known as a kind and gentle person, was a member of the family that owned and operated the Cobble Hill Bakery for over 50 years. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Scales purchased the business in 1925 and it became a family enterprise that included the senior Scales, Dolly, her two brothers and sister as well as other employees. When Dolly decided to branch out on her own, she began by selling groceries and bakery products in the Bonner Block that was located next door to the present day Cobble Hill Market. Over time her establishment was housed in several different village locations. From the Bonner Block she moved into the Wilton Place Hotel where she operated both the hotel Tea Room and her store. When the hotel was destroyed by fire in 1942, Dolly lost everything. However, she persisted and returned to the Bonner Block where she ran her business for several years. Eventually she purchased the old post office building at the corner of Fisher and Cobble Hill Roads that had belonged to Astley and Annie Porter.

Her inventory had grown to include candy bars and other treats that local children purchased and occasionally purloined. Dolly reported these thefts to her gentleman friend Gerald Barry, owner of the local service station, who would then question the suspected culprit using his ‘electric chair’ (but this is another story). Several of those who were ‘interrogated’ many years ago in this manner have vivid recollections of that occurrence and say that after the experience there was not a ghost of a chance that shoplifting would be a future endeavour. Dolly operated her business until 1974 when the widening of Cobble Hill Road required its removal. At that time she sold the store and retired, well loved and well respected. Her building was relocated to Whippletree Junction where it became a popular coffee shop.


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