These vignettes are a series of short articles from the past of the Cobble Hill area. Some include people and places that are not included within its present boundaries because historically Cobble Hill was a hub for what are now parts of Mill Bay, Shawnigan Lake and Cowichan Bay. The railroad station in Cobble Hill Village was the major transportation terminal for people and freight arriving from outside South Cowichan and for the export of lumber, agricultural products and passengers from a much larger area than is encompassed by the Cobble Hill of today. The village was a vibrant centre where household shopping took place, business was done, children attended school and meetings and social events brought rural people together. These are a few of the glimpses of that past.

Cobble Hill Village

HMS Hecate

Jack (John) Verdier (1865-1952)

Norma Violet Vera Scales

William Shearing

The Shearing Tree

Alister Forbes

Cobble Hill Market

Cobble Hill Post Office

The Life Story of T.P. Barry

Tom and Hope Wilkinson


The Cobble Hill Halls


The Cobble Hill Historical Society meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Youth Hall at 3665 Watson Avenue in Cobble Hill.

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